About Us

Who Are We?

 A youth-led organization created in response to the high rates of sexual and gender-based violence. We employ a holistic approach that seeks to address the problem from its roots: implement preventive initiatives to challenge social thoughts and attitudes that enable/normalize sexual and gender-based violence  and advocate for the enforcement of laws to provide justice for the victims/survivors.

 A Girl Project focuses on a comprehensive educational violence prevention program in different sectors of the community to address a broad range of topics, such as consent education, body autonomy, healthy sexuality, and social-emotional learning.  

We notice a gap in current approaches that focus solely on the response. We can no longer treat the symptoms of gender-based violence without addressing the disease itself. It is why we decided to tackle the twin problems of a lack of comprehensive violence prevention program and harmful social norms to break the cycle of violence.

What makes us different?

Our Mission

To spread awareness about gender-based violence. To end harmful thoughts, attitudes and media narratives that enable and normalize violence with the goal of developing healthy expressions. To challenge rape myth acceptance among young men 
and women. 

Our Vision

To create a society where gender-based violence is no longer a part of the everyday experience of women and girls.

Our Core Values

  • Social Inclusion
  • Volunteerism
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transformation

                                           MEET THE TEAM

Bukola Solomon, Founder/Executive Director

Bukola Solomon is a Ph.D. student in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs through the University of Waterloo. She researches gender mainstreaming in security studies, particularly terrorism and counterterrorism studies. 
Bukola completed her Master's degree in Diplomacy and Military Studies at Hawaii Pacific University. Her thesis focused on the historical account of women's activism during the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa.
 Bukky has experience in international relations through her work at Global Peace Foundation, Washington, D.C., where she focused on the role of youth in peacebuilding. Also, she is a women’s rights activist. 
 Bukola has devoted the past three years to  implementing violence prevention programs in Nigeria through A Girl Project, an NGO she founded three years ago.  She has raised her voice at globally significant institutions such as the UN General Assembly, World Bank, and Brookings Institution 

Ruth Alikwe, Program Director

Ruth Alikwe is an economist and a mental health advocate. She has worked with several NGOs geared towards improving her communities and the nation as a whole. She's passionate about initiatives aimed at empowering the girl child because she believes that when a girl child is given the opportunity to unleash her full potential, a great nation emerges.

Benjamin Ozy, Program Coordinator 

Benjamin Ozy holds a Bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering and a Masters in International Management, both from the University of Manchester. He's a Program Coordinator at A Girl Project, where he leads the media advocacy campaigns against harmful social norms, rape culture and sexual violence in general. For about two years now, he has appeared on prestigious media outlets, such as WazobiaTV, and hosts live interactive sessions on Instagram with over 400 viewers at a time.  He also leads the safe space created for men and boys to share their experiences and jointly deconstruct societal expectations to adopt traditional masculine expression. 


Princess Ukwu, Advocacy lead

A final year Medical student and Aspiring Surgeon, fluent in English and German, with a fervent Passion for women’s rights advocacy and a commitment to empowering and inspiring women globally. 
Started volunteering with AGP 3 years ago.

Olukemi lawal, Volunteer Manager, 

Oluwakemi Lawal is an HR personnel with a demonstrated history of work experience in the non-profit organization management industry and corporate organizations. She is an avid reader, a community initiative enthusiast and a humanitarian, one who is passionate about charity work and community development service.

She actively belongs to different HR associations and charity organisations where she helps to execute different charity projects. She is skilled in data analytics and business intelligence; Project and operations management; Customer Service; Consulting; Public Speaking and Content creation. Also a dedicated and self-motivated individual passionate about HR and peaceful relations. 

Her work experience cuts across different industries ranging from manufacturing to insurance, NGOs and Consulting. Oluwakemi is Currently the Operations team lead at Dataleum; Head of media team at Agile HR Professionals (AHRP) association and Volunteers manager at AGP.

Praise Idowu, Awareness and Communications Lead

Praise Idowu is a creative writer, human rights activist and community development enthusiast. She is currently undergoing her BSc programme in Mass Communication, UNILAG. Her interest in  sustainable community development has spurred her to take up roles in fighting against Gender Based Violence. Her goals and aspirations are rooted in a life well lived and positively impacting others.
Praise in her leisure time enjoys reading novels. 

Chichebem Aguocha, Content Creator

Chichebem is a Makeup Artist based in Abuja,  a youtube content creator and also a videographer/editor. Being a survivor herself, she is dedicated to use her skills to raise awareness about gender-based violence and help other survivors to seek and get the support they need. She found yoga in her journey to self-healing and continues to do yoga in her pastime.